SEO Agency

SEO is the process of making your site ready for and friendly to the search engines. It involves making changes both on and off your site to ensure that it can be indexed by the search engines and clearly represents the messages you wish to send.

SEO can be thought of in simple terms as the science of manipluating the signals given by each element of a site in such a way as to ensure the search engine is most likely to return any given page for a search on its subject.

Our SEO process involves a deep understanding of the priorities of the business which allows us to target visitors that most clearly help you meet those objectives. Normally this means an initial discovery visit followed by a comprehensive business review document that lays out how the wesbite can be integrated into the business and how we make it achieve those goals.

Elements of any SEO proposal are likely to include: -

Site Development
Ensuring that the site and its CMS meet the needs of the search engine and the visitor and are flexible and configured towards those needs.

Content Creation
All websites need content that matches what their audience is looking for and also aligns clearly with what the business can offer.

Link Development
Like it or not we live in a search world dominated by the power of links. No site will rank for any term without supporting links (votes) for the terms it targets. We would look to provide a comprehensive link development plan to support any SEO effort.